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Bryce, then twenty-three, had gone surfing alone off Westport Beach, in Kintyre, the morning of April 30th; he was rescued the night of May 1st.

Interactive Guide

Lowe sent him a message on what appeared to be a dormant Facebook account; to her surprise, she heard from him the next day, while at a Glasgow museum with her family. He was going to be in Glasgow that night, with a couple of hours to spare. He remembers facts and thoughts exactingly. He describes the conditions, the currents, the wind, his logic, his succession of plans as he was blown out to sea.

Nocturne 2 – MUTEK MX

He recounts how, after he tried paddling inland for five hours, on and off, to little avail, he panicked, then made another plan. Lowe augments his story with ocean sounds and brief narration but keeps the focus on him. We hear soft ocean noises. It was kind of golden.

And then it went just kind of purple and then just pitch black. And it was a really, really, really pitch black, because the sea below me was just like nothing.

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Like it was just dark. Like no feature.

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There was a slight difference between the land, the sky, and the sea, but they were all just varying levels of blackness. She loves his story, his voice, his accent. Listening to the story, I had emotions, too.

We get a sense of what happens to the mind and the spirit when trying to survive: at one point, Bryce confuses a seagull for a helicopter, starts to question his perceptions, and begins to despair. Lowe edits with subtle, minimal, atmospheric sounds. When I heard the soft chop of helicopter blades—a real helicopter came to rescue him—I found myself sobbing with relief in my kitchen, even though, of course, I already knew that he had survived. He does, simply and humbly.

Now, three years later, her enthusiasm has only deepened. Subtle narrative bursting with menace. Subtle storytelling with an ever-present sense of threat about the moral collapse of an ordinary man just trying to get by. Culminating in a powerful revelation. His load becomes his burden.

Nocturnes (Chopin)

A personal, cinematic gesture born of sadness over the death of a friend. It's also a unique guide to Viennese culture.

The result is a loving, idiosyncratic tour of Hurch's cosmopolitan Vienna and, naturally, an ode to culture. A delicate self-portrait about aging, maternity and sexuality. Romina Paula fictionalises reality and explores being a daughter and new mother. How do you remain an individual if you also have to fulfil roles as mother, wife and daughter?

Where do you find time for yourself, alongside the dizzying love for your child? Honest, intriguing debut by the actress Romina Paula, as she takes an affectionate look at the relationship with her mother and her son. Programme Bright Future Main Programme Emerging talent with original subject matter and an individual style.